The Sahej Academy

All humans know that there is so much more to life than we generally experience. People want freedom of expression, to be recognised, loved, appreciated – but what we experience is frustration, boredom, isolation and stress. Life can become an existence, a series of obstacles and negotiations and our joy of being is reserved for those precious moments when we can somehow escape and pretend that its not happening.

The Sahej Academy has been created to provide a space where new values can be found. If we could be happy and content, no matter what our circumstances are perceived to be, our world would be so different. We offer a space where you can learn to find within yourself all the resources you need to live a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life.

We do not offer instant miracles! You have to do the work… We offer varied tools and techniques from the physical to the philosophical presented with integrity and unconditional love. Sahej means a state of ease, flow and grace. It is the understanding that all things serve the One, it is the synchronisation of the mind and the soul. Universal Kindness is available for all to give and receive. When wisdom guides our consciousness we can truly enjoy the play of life.


The Devon training is supported by six main trainers from across the UK and Europe, making it a very unique course. Martha will be the consistent trainer who stays with the group for the entire training and she will be your main point of contact during the course. During each module you will also get to learn from a visiting trainer, who will share their wisdom and experience with you.

  • Martha Chester
    Martha Chester Course organiser
  • Hari Har Ji Kaur
    Hari Har Ji Kaur Lead trainer
  • Bibi Nanaki Kaur
    Bibi Nanaki Kaur Trainer
  • Sat Guru Kaur
    Sat Guru Kaur Trainer
  • Gur Suraj Singh
    Gur Suraj Singh Associate trainer
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