What happens after I have completed Level 1?

The simple answer is LOTS! The world is your oyster as you put into practice all you have learned and experienced on the training. If you would like to set up weekly classes, workshops or retreats – you are now ready! If you wish to continue your learning you can go on to do the Level II training, which takes you deeper again into the teachings. For those who feel that teaching is not their path, continuing to learn through keeping up with your sadhana, kriyas and meditations will continue to expand their experience of life. Wahe Guru!

What is expected of me to complete the training and get my certification?

As part of the course you need to complete homework. This consists of practicing kriyas and meditations at home in between the modules, and we ask that you keep a journal while you do this. You are also required to attend 20 yoga classes (or the equivalent number of hours) with a certified kundalini yoga teacher. You will need to lead a sadhana (early morning practice) as part of the course. We also ask you to plan 12 classes and to submit this after you have completed the course modules. At the end of the course there is an exam based on the information you will have studied in the Aquarian Teacher Trainer’s Manual. You will either take the exam in the classroom or complete it at home, depending on how close you live to the training. You need to have completed all of the above and all of the modules to be awarded the certification.

How fit do I need to be to take the training?

We ask that you have the strength and physical fitness to complete a yoga class. You certainly don’t need to be able to do all postures all of the time. Training on the course will help you to manage this. Once you start the training you will need to attend 20 yoga classes as part of the course. This can be with a local teacher or by attending workshops or retreats. You will almost certainly find that your fitness and strength increase considerably after you start practicing more regularly.

How are the payments spread out?

Costs for the course can be spread over the duration of the programme. You need to have completed all of your payments before you take your last module.

What if I can’t complete the training in one year?

If you miss a module or would simply prefer to spread the training over more than a year it’s not a problem, and many students follow this route. Any modules you don’t take in your first year can be taken with the same training programme the following year, or alternatively you can join other Sahej Academy Level 1 training programmes in the UK or abroad to take the outstanding modules in your second year.

Do I have to want to be a yoga teacher?

No, you don’t. Lots of people take the training who don’t intend to go on to teach. The course will deepen your personal practice and will give you insights and understanding that are equally relevant for practicing at home or for teaching classes. Much of the course is about learning a more conscious way of living your life. How you decide to use the technology is up to you.

Who is the teacher training for?

The teacher training is open to anyone who has practiced kundalini yoga and feels inspired to learn more. All sorts of people decide they want to take the training, from people who have only practiced with DVDs at home, to students who have been attending classes for years. When the time is right for you to take that step, you will know. All we ask is that you write a short statement explaining what experience you have of kundalini yoga and why you would like to take the training.

Is this a KRI and KYTA recognised teacher training course?

Yes, the course is run in association with the Sahej Academy and accredited by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) in New Mexico, USA. On successful completion of the training you will be registered as a KRI Certified Level I Instructor and will be eligible to join the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA) and its group insurance scheme, and to have your classes listed on the KYTA website. You will also be eligible to participate in Level II Teacher Training at any KRI-affiliated institution worldwide if you wish to continue your studies further.



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