• Yoga with Martha has had a profound effect on me physically, mentally and spiritually. She has helped me to feel empowered during the sessions but more importantly she has given me insights into how to approach life and it's every day challenges. I feel strong in the abs and in the mind with Martha's yoga! 

    Laura C
  • As a non-British Master of Laws student, I know that life at university can be very tough and challenging. Because of this, I was looking for a way to improve both my mental and physical stamina, when I discovered Martha’s Kundalini Yoga classes. On my first visit, I was very sceptical about Yoga, because I am not – by nature – a spiritual person. Yet, after going to more and more classes, I realized that I had never felt as relaxed, released and balanced as I felt after attending these sessions. I soon started to join Martha’s classes twice a week, and now I have been practicing Yoga for almost five months. 

  • Martha is an excellent yoga teacher. Her yoga teachings have definitely helped me to cope with my first year of university in England and what it meant to be away from my culture, family and friends. Now, being in my third year, they contribute to my mental health by allowing me to be calm, focused on listening to myself and finding inner strength. Her classes trigger beautiful emotions and are also an intense work-out.

  • Having just come from a Kundalini yoga class with Martha Chester, I cannot describe how great I feel. Not only do Martha's classes create a burn in your muscles unlike any gym class or fitness session, but (just as importantly), her classes work on balancing the mental and emotional body, building a sense of calm and confident grounded-ness  that is often missing from the busy lives of today's students.  I would recommend Martha's classes to anyone, whether trying to build strength, maintain fitness, or find some peace in a hectic world, Martha succeeds in building a beautiful community around her yoga classes that I look forward to being a part of every week.

  • I will never forget my Devon teacher Training with Martha and all the visiting teachers

  • It was challenging and enjoyable experience. It was the best what I have done in my life! Love and light.

    Svetlana M
  • I took the teacher training level one not because I wanted to be a teacher but because I wanted to learn more about Kundalini Yoga and deepen my personal practise.  The course gave me a solid foundation in Kundalini Yoga teachings which will stay with me for life, but I also found myself on the deeper journey of having to work through some core inner emotional issues, facing fears, delving into and finding my inner strength (the warrior) and grace, thus giving me some solid inner confidence, and of course a massive shift in personal resonance & vibration.  During the course I had no option but to connect within with myself and every event, exercise and kriya brought me back to that again and again.  The journey of life continues and I now have a gift of knowledge of kriyas to deal & transform whatever arises should I wish to.  The teachings are now ingrained and I feel very much initiated! Sat Nam! 

    Emma K
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